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New Mexico HuntMap MOBILE

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HuntMap MOBILE can be viewed with any devide or PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobate reader or your favorite PDF map apps, like the Avenza app. We recommend Avenza PDF Maps for it's ease of use and it allows you to use your phone like a GPS.


HuntMapMobile: $20.00
Mobile Downloadable PDF

HuntMapMobile PackageLT: $30.00
Includes Downloadable PDF and a HuntMapLT (paper version)

HuntMapMobile Package Durable: $45.00
Includes Downloadable PDF and a HuntMap Durable

After ordering you will receive an email with a temporary download link, which will expire in 24 hours. For this reason, we recommend downloading your Hunt Map DL to your phone right away and then download it to your PC or tablet device when you get the chance. Once the link expires, you will have to pay for another map.

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Download free Adobe Acrobate Reader app (click here)

If you don't see your unit, let us know on our contact form (click here) and tell us which unit you want and we will email you (within 24 hours) when we've updated our store with your unit.
New Mexico HuntMap MOBILE